Progressive Home Warranty

Current Coverage New Coverage Ramifications
1 Year Materials and Labor 1 Year Materials and Labor There is little change here as builders will still be responsible for the first year Materials and Labor Warranty that was previously offered 
2 Years Mechanical Systems 2 Years Mechanical Systems For PHW Member Builders there will be little change here as this coverage was previously part of our warranty.  There was previously a limit on this coverage of $5,000 which is now removed, so there is no limit.
5 Years Foundation and Water Ingress  5 Years Full Building Envelope   This is the most significant coverage change (particularly for multi-family) as the warranty policy must now provide coverage for failure of any component of the building envelope. lEaking windows, roofs, or any water ingress is now warranted for 5 years.
  Required to Offer 2 year Envelope Extension The legislation requires that we must offer 2 year extension of the building envelope coverage.  
10 Years Structural  10 Years Structural   There is little change as PHW has always had a 10 year structural coverage.
Living Out Allowance  Living Out Allowance  While the terms for this component of the warranty have not changed significantly, the limits have increased from $100 per day to $150 per dat and from a total of $6,000 to $15,000.
Policy Limit Single Family - $60,000 Policy Limit Single Family - $265,000  This is the biggest single area of change with an increase in the warranty policy limit from $60,000 per unit to $130,000 per unit.
Unit Policy Limit Multi-Family $60,000 Unit Policy Limit Multi-Family - $130,000 Another major area of change with an increase of limit for Unit Coverage from $60,000 per unit of $130,000 per unit. 
Common Property Policy Limit Multi Family - $500,000 Common Property Policy Limit Multi Family - $3,300,000   The most significant area of the increase with Common Property limits increasing from $500,000 per building to $3,300,000 per building.
 Deposit Warranty  Now a Separate Type of Insurance  Deposit Warranty is now defined by the Alberta Government as a separate and distinct type of insurance